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Aiding Hurricane Harvey Victims

We have received calls from the community asking about what they can do to help all those who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. This is a massive disaster that is still developing and it will be quite a while before we know the full scope of the damage. Sadly, those living in affected areas will be coping with the effects for many months, if not years. They will need help from all of us.

As you know, Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County is a member of the Feeding America network of food banks, as are the food banks in Texas. Feeding America is keeping close tabs on the affected food banks and is in constant contact with them as they assess their situations and determine the kinds of help they will need in providing food to those in their areas.

We are waiting for direction from Feeding America about what is needed from us to help Texas food banks. As soon as they let us know what we can do, we will mobilize our staff to fulfill those requests.

Ways You Can Help

Food Drives: At this time, we are not accepting food drives for the Texas food banks as the roads remain impassible and most of the food banks can’t accept shipments yet.

Financial Donations: We encourage everyone to help by donating financially to Feeding America or the affected food banks in Texas. This is the best option and will allow the Texas food banks to buy supplies locally and save on shipping costs. Below are links to the food banks that have been most impacted by the flooding.

Food Bank of Corpus Christi

Food Bank of the Golden Crescent 

Houston Food Bank

Southeast Texas Food Bank

San Antonio Food Bank

Here is a link to an article about the Feeding America efforts.

Many thanks to everyone who has contacted us for their concern and caring. It is this desire to help those in need that will get Texans through such a difficult time. We will update this post as things change.

Update: 9/9/17

We have had food set aside and ready to go to Texas, but we’ve been waiting to get the word that the food bank was back in business and ready to receive the food. Today we got that word. This coming Tuesday we will be shipping food to Texas for hunger relief. We are very happy to be doing our share.

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning. Florida will need our help – and everyone else’s – in the coming days. We are are standby and ready to do what we can when the call comes, but it will be several days before we know the extent of the damage and the need. Once we get donation information, we will post it here.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the people in Hurricane Irma’s path.