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Permanent School Pantries: Feeding Neighbors in Need

Mercado El Sol Permanent School Pantry
Permanent School Pantries

Last week we were excited to have an article published in the Orange County Register about our second Permanent School Pantry, the Mercado El Sol, located in a small house across from El Sol Science and Arts Academy. This innovative program brings food and hope to some of the neediest and most vulnerable neighborhoods in Orange County. As you will read in the article (see link below), healthy nutritious food is available not only to the families whose children attend the schools hosting the pantries, but to anyone in the neighborhood who needs a helping hand.

Our Permanent School Pantries bridge the meal gap for working families, seniors, and the disabled by providing nutritious food to make sure no one goes hungry. This is important for working parents so they can do well at their jobs, important for children so they can grow and thrive, and important for seniors and the disabled who are on fixed incomes and need nourishment to stay healthy and out of the hospital.

Mercado El Sol can serve up to 600 families a week and it’s open five days a week, all year long. Our first Permanent School Pantry, the Lion’s Den in Lincoln Elementary School in Anaheim, serves more than 400 families each week and it’s also open all year long. Both pantries are overseen and stocked by Second Harvest, but the day-to-day operations are provided by volunteers from the neighborhood who are eager to give back in gratitude for the help they’ve received.

The Future

Our Bold Goal calls for the creation of four more Permanent School Pantries for a total of six by 2021, at which point we will be feeding thousands of families nutritious food and ensuring that they can stay healthy and children can grow to reach their full potential. If you would like to know more, please call 949-653-2900.

And if you know someone who needs food assistance, give them this number to call: 855-233-3362. Our Helpline staff are ready to provide information in English and Spanish about where to find help.

Orange County Register Article

A food pantry in Santa Ana aims to fight hunger while offering patrons measures of compassion and respect