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All Staff Day Retreat
2019 All Staff Day Retreat


Harald Herrmann
(Ext. 111)

Volunteer Engagement

Bre Piantanida, Volunteer Engagement Supervisor
(Ext. 216)

Skyler Schulze, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
(Ext. 136)

Tammy Tu, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
(Ext. 233)


Claudia Keller, Chief Mission Officer
(Ext. 149)

Christine Montevideo, Sr. Development Manager
(Ext. 148)

Debbie Gordon, Grants Manager
(Ext. 130)

Brana Vlasic, Grants Coordinator
(Ext. 142)

Mitch Ossiginac, Database Supervisor
(Ext. 129)

Megan Hunker, Donor Relations Associate
(Ext. 224)

Susan Martin,  Special Events Manager
(Ext. 131)

Marketing & Public Relations

Barbara Wartman, Director of Marketing & PR
(Ext. 146)

Woody Smith, Marketing Manager
(Ext. 141)

Jasmine French, Marketing & Development Coordinator
(Ext. 145)

Finance & Administration

Joyce Foley, Chief Finance Officer
(Ext. 122)

David Gendreau, IT Director
(Ext. 134)

Jane Van Dyke, Director of Human Resources
(Ext. 127)

Susan Martin, Executive Assistant to the CEO
(Ext. 150)

Diana Schwab, Administrative Assistant
(Ext. 100)

Annette Birdsell, Accounts Receivable
(Ext. 126)

Thuy Nguyen, Accounts Payable
(Ext. 128)

Tammy Tompkins, Administrative Coordinator
(Ext. 212)

Ariane Ang Le, Staff Accountant
(Ext. 228)

Initiatives and Facilities

Vanessa Lopez, Facilities Coordinator
(Ext. 152)



Jerry Creekpaum, Chief Operations Officer
(Ext. 159)

Operations – Sourcing, Logistics & Sustainability

Kelly Alesi, Director of Sourcing, Logistics & Sustainability
(Ext. 144)

Dillon Cromwell, Sustainability Coordinator
(Ext. 139)

Charles Gideon, Sustainability Coordinator
(Ext. 227)

Lorina Smith, Sustainability Coordinator
(Ext. 213)


Programs & Services

Ellie Nedry, Director of Programs & Services
(Ext. 162)

Garrett Wren, Community Partner Program Coordinator
(Ext. 137)

Melissa Mitchell, Programs & Services Supervisor
(Ext. 133)

Joylani Kamalu, Compliance Coordinator
(Ext. 163)

Blake Kinsey, EFAP Coordinator
(Ext. 154)

Michelle Pichardo, Rescue Coordinator
(Ext 155)

Community Programs

Ellie Nedry, Sr. Community Programs Manager
(Ext. 162)

Shelby Lanza, Sr. Community Programs Coordinator (Senior Programs)
(Ext. 158)

Monica Martinez, Community Programs Coordinator
(Ext 132)

Katie Shea, Community Programs Coordinator (Kids Cafe After School Program)
(Ext. 210)

Amber Boggs, CalFresh Outreach Program Supervisor
(Ext 231)

Caitlin Shields, CalFresh Capacity Coordinator
(Ext 157)

Liz Quezada-Orsono, CalFresh Client Advocate
(Ext. )

Ali Soriano, CalFresh Enrollment Specialist


Chrislynn VanSkiver, Director of Operations
(Ext. 164)

Starlite Ossiginac, Senior Manager, Operations
(Ext. )

Christina Wood, Operations Supervisor
(Ext. 143)

Selene Creekpaum, Operations Supervisor
(Ext. 125)

Amanda Davison, Inventory Control Specialist
(Ext. 211)


Marina Wessa, Logistice Manager
(Ext. 153)

George Algie, Dispatch, Logistics Supervisor
(Ext. 135)