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Meet our staff

Interim CEO

Dave Coffaro
(Ext. 150)


Gloria Jetter Crockett, Chief Development Officer
(Ext. 149)

Chrislynn Van Skiver, Senior Development Manager
(Ext. 143)

Christine Montevideo, Senior Development Manager
(Ext. 148)

Debbie Gordon, Grants Manager
(Ext. 130)

Guinevere Endter, Major Gifts Manager
(ext 227)

Savina Tarca,  Development Coordinator
(Ext. 131)

Mitch Ossiginac, Database Coordinator
(Ext. 129)

Megan McDonald, Donor Relations Associate
(Ext. 224)

Vanessa Hugon, Development Associate
(Ext. 211)

Vince Tran, AmeriCorps VIP Fellow
(Ext. 218)

Marketing & Public Relations

Barbara Wartman, Director of Marketing & PR
(Ext. 146)

Menna Eshete, Marketing & PR Coordinator
(Ext. 141)

Lisa Martinez, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator
(Ext 217)

Jasmine French, Food & Fund Drives Coordinator
(Ext. 145)

Finance & Administration

Joyce Foley, Chief Finance Officer
(Ext. 122)

David Gendreau, IT Director
(Ext. 134)

Jane Van Dyke, Director of Human Resources
(Ext. 127)

Joe Schoeningh, Director of Public Affairs

Teresa Guerra, Executive Assistant to the CEO
(Ext. 150)

Donna Hagan, Administrative Assistant
(Ext. 100)

Annette Birdsell, Accounts Receivable
(Ext. 126)

Thuy Nguyen, Accounts Payable
(Ext. 128)

Tammy Tompkins, Administrative Coordinator
(Ext 212)


Jerry Creekpaum, Chief Operations Officer
(Ext. 159)

Operations – Supply Chain

Bob Wright, Director of Operations – Supply Chain
(Ext. 225)

Operations – Sourcing & Receiving

Jason Hatcher, Operations Manager, Sourcing & Receiving
(Ext. 144)

Christina Wood, Food Sourcing Coordinator
(Ext. 165)

Alissa Ammon, Food Sourcing Coordinator
(Ext. 213)

Dillon Cromwell, Food Sourcing Coordinator
(Ext. 139)

Eric Vuu, Food Sourcing Coordinator
(Ext. 139)

Selene Creekpaum, Receiving Supervisor
(Ext. 125)

Vanessa Lopez, Facilities Coordinator
(Ext. 152)


Taylor Cocoles, Operations Manager, Volunteerism & Processing
(Ext. 166)

Lorina Smith, Volunteerism & Processing Supervisor
(Ext. 215)

Jenny Ly, Volunteer Coordinator
(Ext. 169)

Dielle Estrada, Volunteer Coordinator
(Ext. 216)

Thi Nguyen, Volunteer Coordinator
(Ext. 136)

Operations – Community Impact

Starlite Ossiginac, Director of Community Impact
(Ext. 164)

Community Partner Development & Support

Kelly Alesi, Community Partner Development & Support Manager
(Ext. 168)

Garrett Wren, Community Partner Program Coordinator
(Ext. 137)

Melissa Mitchell, Senior Rescue Program Coordinator
(Ext. 133)

Charles Gideon, Community Partner Program Coordinator
(Ext. 167)

Joylani Kamalu, Compliance Coordinator
(Ext. 163)

Sarah Tolentino, Community Partner Program Coordinator
(Ext. 154)

Kaily Potter, Compliance Coordinator
(Ext. 155)

Community Programs

Ellie Nedry, Community Programs Manager
(Ext. 162)

Shelby Lanza, Senior Community Programs Coordinator
(Ext. 158)

Brana Vlasic, CalFresh Supervisor
(Ext 142)

Samantha Sobrevinas, CalFresh Capacity Coordinator (AmeriCorps VISTA)
(Ext. 210)

Shanelle Garcia, CalFresh Outreach Coordinator
(Ext 210)

Faviola Cortes, CalFresh Outreach Coordinator
(Ext 212)

Andrea Hernandez, CalFresh Outreach Coordinator
(Ext 210 )

Monica Martinez, Community Programs Coordinator
(Ext 132)

Community Distribution

Steven Knight, Community Distribution Manager
(Ext. 153)

Nick Delgado, Transportation Supervisor
(Ext. 135)