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How It Works


We provide food to hundreds of local charities and organizations who distribute food to those in need at more than 350 locations throughout the county.

  • Church Food Pantries
  • School Food Pantries
  • Mobile Food Pantries
  • After School Programs
  • Senior Centers
  • Soup Kitchens
  • Transitional Housing Facilities

Food Bank Basics

Second Harvest is a vital link between the food industry and our Partner Network as we work hand-in-hand to feeding those at-risk of hunger. Food is received at our 122,000 square foot distribution center in Irvine and then shipped out to our Partner Network for distribution at 350 food pantries and other locations throughout the county. In FY 2020 we distributed more than 42 million pounds of food to those in need of food assistance.

Food & Funds

When you donate to Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County you take a powerful stand in the fight against hunger. Every dollar you donate helps us provide the equivalent of three meals for the hungry. While the majority of food is donated through grocery stores, food manufacturers, farmers, growers and packers, Feeding America, the USDA, and corporate and individual virtual food drives, we still need to purchase additional food to meet the need. When you donate you help us provide the food that children, families, seniors, veterans, those with disabilities, and the homeless need to stay healthy and get back on their feet.

Partner Network

We work with a network of hundreds of partners to distribute food in every city throughout the county. Our community partners are non-profit charities and organizations such as food pantries at churches and schools, after school programs like Kids Cafes and Boys and Girls Clubs, Permanent School Pantries and college pantries, senior centers, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and transitional housing facilities. Together we feed hundreds of thousands of hungry people in Orange County every month.

People We Serve

With unemployment at an all-time high in Orange County, there is an ever-increasing number of people who need our help to put food on the table. People who had good jobs are now out of work and in need of a helping hand to make ends meet. Others are making less than they used to and often have to choose between paying the rent and putting food on the table. Seniors and others on fixed incomes also have to make hard choices between food and rent or food and medications. All of these people are now looking to Second Harvest and our Partner Network for help.


Volunteers have been a tremendous support since we opened in 1983. Unfortunately with the need to secure our facility to protect staff and volunteers alike from COVID, we’ve had to suspend all of our volunteer opportunities. We’ll bring back volunteers as soon as it is safe for everyone to gather together again.