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Become a Community Partner

Together we can end hunger.Basket of Onions

Thank you for your interest in joining Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County as a Community Partner. Second Harvest works with hundreds of Community Partners to end hunger in Orange County. If you would like to apply to become a partner, please confirm that your organization meets the following eligibility criteria before filling out an application.

Your organization must:

  • Be led by someone who is not receiving food from the distribution program
  • Be an IRS recognized non-profit organization
  • Be incorporated for the purpose of serving the needy, ill, or infants (minor children)
  • Be an Orange County-based organization with all food being distributed within Orange County.
  • Not charge for food nor be reimbursed, compensated, or require services in exchange for food
  • Not redistribute product to other partner or non-partner organizations
  • Not discriminate for any reason
  • Not be an entity of a municipality (e.g., a School, Hospital or Prison)
  • Have been operating an organized and consistent pantry or soup kitchen for a minimum of 3 months
  • Have adequate storage for food. SHFBOC prefers food storage facilities to be in commercial buildings
  • Have a current Safe Food Handling Certification 

Community Partner Applications are accepted on a monthly basis. If you feel that your organization qualifies for a partnership with Second Harvest, please contact our Partner Development & Support Coordinator during the enrollment period in January. At that time, we will provide you with a Request for Partnership (RFP) application. The RFP will be evaluated at that time and you will be contacted within 30 days of submission.

*Please note that submission of an RFP does not guarantee partnership.