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Orange County is known for wealth and abundance, yet 301,000 people here are at risk of hunger. Here are a few of their stories.

Buy your kids shoes, or buy groceries? Go hungry so your kids don’t have to? These are the hard choices many Orange County families are forced to make when money runs short. But with help from Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, and its community partners, families can get the assistance they need to make it through the rough patches.


Many of those in need are working, single-parent families. For these women and men, making enough money to pay the rent and still have enough left over to feed themselves and their children can be a struggle. At Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, we work with more than 300 community partners to make sure that no child or parent goes to school or work hungry. Let’s be the bridge between hunger and self-sufficiency for our neighbors in need.


Hunger is tough on families – especially kids. See what it’s like for one woman who experienced hunger as a child and now works at Second Harvest Food Bank to make sure others don’t suffer from hunger like she and her mom did.

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Everyone has big dreams, but if you’re hungry nothing else matters. Learn about Second Harvest’s Bold Goal to make sure that no one has to give up their big dreams to hunger.

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Javier and Maru were doing just fine. Then they got a phone call that changed their lives.

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Hunger affects people from all walks of life. Here are three stories that offer an inside look at hunger.

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The true story of a boy who built a community of sharing.

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