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PLEASE NOTE: WE CAN NO LONGER ACCEPT INDIVIDUAL FOOD DONATIONS In order to maintain the highest level of food and staff safety. Presently, we are only accepting pallets and truckloads of food from commercial vendors. Click here to make a monetary donation, or you can start a Virtual Food Drive by clicking here. If you’d still like to make individual donations of food, you can call 211 to find a food pantry near you that will accept your donation. 

Virtual Food Drives are one of the best ways you or your company can make a difference in this challenging time. Join us in our hunger-fighting efforts by hosting a virtual food drive. You can set up your individual or corporate Virtual Food Drive immediately by going to YourFoodDrive.org.

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Due to COVID-19 some of our Food Rescue programs have been suspended. Please contact the Food Sourcing Team for more information.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, retailer, restaurant, hotel or caterer, we have a program that will transfer unwanted food directly to those in need so no food is wasted. It’s a true win-win.  Contact us here.  A Food Sourcing Team member will reply.

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